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Namibia & Okavango Photo Safari

Malie Rich-Griffith, Santa Fe, New Mexico
Professional Wildlife Photographer
"Pepe Jones is a guide who is very knowledgeable of her subject, thorough in her preparation and planning and an easy companion. She made my photography trip through Namibia a delight, always making sure I got the shot She is a good photographer herself and, so, understands the necessities of being in the right light, at the right time and in the right place. She is also an exceptional driver, which, in this part of the world, must be the underpinning of every trip. That she is intelligent, flexible and quick goes without saying. I am happy to recommend her to anyone who would venture in this part of the world."

Kruger & Garden Route Safari

Mary Lear, Newport Beach, California
"People ask how the trip was and can't believe my beaming face when I tell them how wonderful it was and how I did not want to leave, even after being away for 3 weeks! You were the main reason for the success of the trip. All your planning, knowledge and insight made it so wonderful for us. I had never before traveled with a guide and now might again be hesitant to do that just because I don't think that anyone could live up to the great things that you did for us. Your knowledge of the region and the history added an extra dimension to the wildlife information that you shared. What a treat to enjoy all the great accommodations in the evening without me having to do any planning. It removed all the stress that usually accompanies my self-planned trips. I am now in love with binoculars. In adjusting to the noises around my home, I now am hearing many more hawks, hummingbirds and many other still unidentified birds that I had rarely noticed before. Thank you so much for a trip of a lifetime!"

Garden Route Nature Safari

Vincent & Eileen Rodgers, Alberta, Canada
"Our tour guide, Pepe, came highly recommended, and she did not disappoint us, she is an extremely professional, happy individual who is down to earth, friendly, with a thorough knowledge of her subject. Her driving brought us no fear, and she soon became like family. We love her. We were extremely happy with our tour, and would recommend it highly to anyone. "

Drakensberg to Durban Tour

Martha B Hopkins, Tucson, Arizona,
Author of Second Chances: A travel narrative of Southern Africa
“This was my fourth trip to Africa and one of the best. I had a thoughtful, delightful "walking encyclopedia" at my side. Pepe Jones is, I predict, going to become a major player in South African travel because she is enthusiastic, inquisitive, a sympathetic and good researcher, anticipates questions and interests and is prepared for them.”

Namibia Photographic Nature Safari

Duncan & Debbie Armour, Kent, United Kingdom
“Thank you for a wonderful three weeks! Many happy memories!”

West Coast Wildflower Tour

Halinka Shanglee, Cape Town, South Africa
“I have traveled with Miss Jones on a number of occasions and have enjoyed every time immensely. Pepe’s knowledge of our birdlife and wildlife is phenomenal, and I learn something new every time. I recommend Nature Uncut to anyone who wishes to have a fun-filled, educational, once-in-a-lifetime touring experience!”

Garden Route Nature Safari

John & Joanne Baker, Alberta, Canada
“From the moment Pepe picked us up at our hotel - 7 of us, including a 3 month old baby - to the minute she dropped us off in Cape Town, she displayed every trait that we would expect, given that we entrusted her with 5 precious days of our vacation. Pepe was extremely well organized, accommodating, knowledgeable and personable. She kept, in our opinion, a good balance between friendliness and giving us our own space. Her love of the landscape, ocean and waterways, birds and wildlife, all in their natural, indigenous state was very apparent and readily conveyed in all her comments. The trip went off without a hitch and we would have no reservation in recommending Nature Uncut Tours to anyone. If ever we have the privilege of travelling in South Africa again, we would definitely use Pepe as our guide.”

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