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Highlights: Spectacular wildlife, Malagasy culture, Andasibe, Isle Sainte-Marie and Nosy Be Islands, Isalo, Tsaranoro, Ranomafana

This tour has been designed to provide the best overview possible of Madagascar within a 3-week period - especially for first-time visitors! The tour focuses mainly on the nature and culture of this fascinating continent. On this tour you will encounter an exceptional variety of plantlife, mammals (including numerous lemur species) and birdlife as well as fascinating reptiles and insects, found only in Madagascar. You will also be introduced to the Malagasy culture from village life to agriculture, local crafts and alcohol production. From the magnificent rainforests of the Andasibe National Park, to the spectacular rock formations and natural swimming pools of Isalo National Park (known as the Malagasy "Colorado") and the pristine beaches and islands of Sainte-Marie and Nosy Bay, this tour offers something for everyone.

Accommodation for this tour is upmarket (wherever possible) or we make use of the best lodges available in each area, without compromising on our experience of the natural environment.




Highlights: Spectacular wildlife, Birdwatching, Whale-watching (seasonal), Primary rainforest, Masoala Peninsula, Andasibe, Kirindy dry-forest, Unique rock formations, Tsingy, Baobab Alley

This safari has been designed to provide nature lovers and photographers with a superlative wildlife experience of Madagascar. From the spectacular Masoala National Park, the largest remaining primary forest in Madagascar, with its magnificent fauna, flora and marine life, to Andasibe, with its wealth of birdlife and lemurs. On this tour we encounter an exceptional diversity of fauna and flora, from the "Indri indri" (Madagascar's largest lemur) to endemic reptiles, fascinating chameleons, colourful frogs and unusual insects. We also explore the Kirindy Reserve and Tsingy National Park, with their remarkable landscapes, and the famous Baobab Alley, the most photographed spot in Madagascar!

Most of the accommodation on this tour is upmarket or we make use of the most comfortable lodges available in each area. One night on this tour is spent in provided tents, allowing us to enjoy and experience the natural wonder of Nosy Manga Be Island.


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